Wednesday, 30 January 2013

USMC CASEVAC scenic base - Norway 1985

Here is my work in progress on the USMC CASEVAC base.  Apparently the US Navy is responsible for USMC casualty evacuation, so I've based a Heroics and Ros US Navy UH-1 (I-94 decals) on a hard standing helipad, with an aid station tent carved from a balsa block, a couple of Scotia Hummer ambulances and a Scotia M809 truck with generator - to provide power to the various bits of medical equipment in the tent.  I plan to add a couple of sentry figures by the smaller tent.

Still working on a field engineers repair depot and supply base - just need to get some net curtain and a handful of conifers - realised last night I only had deciduous trees - unlikely for mid-Norway.

Any comments/suggestions welcome.

Thanks for looking.


  1. You would be surprised by the number of deciduous trees in the area I know I was. There are some photo's posted in the CWC yahoo group showing the the Swedish and Norwegian coastline.

  2. Looks really good Andy, how about adding a couple of white coated doctors milling around outside the medical tent?



  3. Thanks guys. I was wondering how to add a couple of docs sharing a crafty fag at the back of the tent - I've got loads of odd 1:300 figs so will see what I can come up with. Chris, thanks for the info on the trees and photos - I'll take a look.