Saturday, 26 October 2013

21st Panzer Division - Normandy - Kampfgruppe Oppeln

We're planning a big D-day game at the next club gaming weekend in mid-November. I've spent the last couple of weeks finishing off a 21st Pz Div project that I started several years ago, but never completed.

So, here is Kampfgruppe Oppeln, based on a core of Pz Regiment 22.  I should apologise for the pictures, they seem to be plagued with poor depth of field due to low light levels, so I'll have another go at photographing them once I've finished the whole thing.

Stab Pz Regt 22, front row l-r PzIII recce, PzIV CO, Bergepanzer III, rear row, 3 stands of Flakpanzer 38t.

1 Abt Pz Regt 22, rear PzIII recce, PzIV HQ, 1 Komp, 2 Komp and 3 Komp (each three stands of PzIVs).  3 Komp may be reduced to 2 stands based on a strength return just prior to D-day.  4 Kompanie is detached to Kampfegruppe Von Luck.

2 Abt Pz Regt 22, rear PzS35 recce, PzIV HQ, middle 5 Komp (1 PzIV and 2 PzS35), 6 Komp (1 PzIV, 2 PzS35, 1 PzH39), front 7 Komp (1 PzIV and 2 PzS35) and 8 Komp (1 or possibly 2 PzIV B/C).  For D-day action, there seems to be a lot of debate about whether the French tanks made an appearance or not.  If not, then the entire Regt is represented by a 4 stand composite PzIV Kompanie.

I Batt, Pz-gren Regt 125, rear HQ and 15cm Lorraine SPG, 1 Komp and 2 Komp (each 4 U304 transports, 3 stands of infantry and 1 MMG stand).  3 Komp is detached to KG Von Luck.

1 Komp Pz-pioneer Batt 220, 5 S303 transports, 3 stands of pioneers/engineers with flame, 1 MMG stand and 1 81mm mortar stand).

III Batt Pz-artillerie Regt 155, 2 10.5cm Lorraine (7 & 8 batteries) and 1 15cm Lorraine (9 batterie) stands, each with a Pzbeobacht Lorraine FAO stand.

So, there you have it, the armoured fist of 21st Panzer - 2 armoured battalions and 1 armoured infantry battalion, made up of infantry and pioneers.  Of course, if the French armour was withdrawn as 2nd Abt personnel were withdrawn to be re-equipped with PzIVs, then the force is down to one armoured battalion and one armoured composite company, plus the equivalent of an infantry battalion.  These will be up against the 3rd British Infantry Division pushing inland for Caen on the afternoon of D-day.

Most vehicles are Heroics and Ros, except PzIVs without bazooka screens which are from Irregular.  Infantry are mainly Adler, with one or two Heroics and Ros, mainly mortar men.  Bases are a mixture of ERM and Minibits.  All paints are Vallejo.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Looking good Andy even with the problems you've had with the lighting, I've always struggled to get good photos especially of smaller scale figures.

    The French tanks aren't mentioned in any of the loss reports for Pz Regt 22 but that doesn't mean they weren't used and it's nice to have the option to use them on the table top.



  2. Thanks Richard. That's what I thought, we can opt for a "historical" scenario without the French armour or a "what-if" with the French kit added.

    I should have photos for Kampfgruppe Rauch posted soon and I've been sorting out the missing stands from Kampfgruppe Von Luck.