Wednesday, 4 February 2015

20mm UK infantry section in NBC gear

This is the Elhiem BAOR infantry section in NBC gear (BAOR02).  Figures are armed with SLRs, except the Charlie G gunner who has a sterling SMG, and a GPMG gunner.  The GPMG gunner and assistant have ammunition belts slung around their necks.

These were base coated light grey, then washed with Tamiya NATO green.  Irregular splodges of Vallejo NATO brown were added, followed by streaks of NATO black and Iraqi sand.  Webbing straps were over painted with Medium Camo Green.  Gas masks, gloves, boots and weapons, except the Charlie G, were painted NATO black and dry brushed basalt grey.  Figures were washed with Army Painter strong tone ink diluted 2:1 with acrylic thinners.  Hessian strips on helmets were dry brushed khaki grey.

The section commander, centre right, with behind him to the left the Charlie G gunner with Sterling SMG.

The other half section with GPMG gunner and assistant gunner to the right.

These great looking figures are going to be used for possible urban unrest scenarios, alongside conventional infantry and police figures, as well as Cold War Gone Hot actions.  Lovely looking figures and straightforward to paint up.

Thanks for looking.

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