Thursday, 7 May 2015

15mm Forged In Battle PzIIIs for Tunisia

These are a set of five PzIIIs, which Phil picked up for a bargain price at the WWGS in Castle Donnington.  He wants these for a late N African battlegroup for action in Tunisia.  Rather than a desert yellow, he opted for an olive green scheme using paints liberated from the Italian Airforce and felt by the Germans to be a better match to the more vegetated scenery in Tunisia.  Some of these will no doubt finish up as Tiger escorts, given Phil's "Tiger Phil" nickname.

These are painted in Russian green, over sprayed with a 50:50 mix of Pastel green and Russian green.

The complete platoon.

The command vehicle.

From the other side.

The commander, about as close as my camera will focus.  I've done him in yellow green.

Another view of the commander.

The platoon arrayed on parade - a propaganda shot for Phil's opponent tonight.  Let's hope there aren't any Kittyhawks out for a straffing run!

Hope he likes them. Now all I've got to do is finish an Israeli Sho't Centurion and an infantry platoon for his Arab-Israeli War project.

Thanks for looking.

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