Sunday, 14 June 2015

15mm Soviet Motor Rifle Co dismounts

I've finished the infantry for my BMP Motor Rifle Company.  Each platoon comprises three 6-man sections armed with AK-47s and an RPG, plus a 2-man command element, allowing the entire platoon to be transported in 3 BMPs.

The entire company, three platoons, each of 3 6-man sections plus a 2-man platoon HQ, plus a company HQ of 5 men.

Attached from the battalion AT platoon are two teams of AT-4 ATGMs (These from QRF).

Three AT-3 (Sagger) ATGM teams (again QRF figures).

A pair of 75mm recoilless rifles, used as SPG-9s, with 2-man crews.

A larger 105mm recoilless rifle (B11 or equivalent), with 3-man crew.

A pair of medium 82mm mortars with 3-man crews.

A 120mm mortar (actually from the WW2 range) with 4-man crew.

Extra figures forming 2 5-man scout teams or dismounted crew figures from the BMPs.

Nice figures from Peter Pig's AK-47 range.  These are all helmeted regulars (except the ATGMs and crews from Quick Reaction Force).  The medium and heavy mortars and small and large calibre recoilless rifles are generic heavy weapons from the AK-47 range.
These figures will serve as Soviet infantry from the 60's through to the 90's. They will also see service as Arab troops in the Middle East (Syrians, Egyptians, etc.) and even Cuban advisors in Africa or Latin America.  Together with my mercenaries (Regulars in berets) and US Marines, they allow me to play a variety of periods and settings.  I'm trying to resist adding the "hardened militia" and militia figures, but can feel my resistance waning.  I've also got some modern French Foreign Legion troops to finish and that's before I succumb to Peter Pigs Vietnam US and NVA/VC range.
I'll post some pictures of the BMPs, together with armour support shortly.
Thanks for looking.


  1. Looking good Andy, can't wait to see what up for them. Now that you've got them and Marines, it would appear you don't need to wait on 'club nights' or friends, you could get some solo gaming in ;)


    1. Thanks Jack. Not sure about solo wargaming - my 6 year old sees me sitting at a table with toys and before I know it I'll be knee deep in Lego. He's getting in to Star Wars, so might have to try him out with X-Wing.

      Cheers, Andy

  2. Hi Andy, they look great, looking forward to seeing the BMP's.

    1. Thanks Richard. I need to dig them out of the storage boxes - I had to make space for a load of Flames of War Brits and Germans, some that I was given, partly in exchange for painting services, and that I bought from another club member who was selling up. I'll probably photograph the new FoW stuff first and then get the BMPs out for another session.

      Cheers, Andy