Friday, 17 July 2015

15mm Napoleonic infantry

Having painted loads of FoW vehicles in the last couple of weeks, I decided it was time for a change of palatte.  I thought it was time to reduce the pile of unpainted lead a little, so out came the 15mm Napoleonics.  I'm still looking for a suitable blue for the French Napoleonic infantry, so first up is a battalion based for Black Powder, painted using Vallejo ultramarine.  In the photos, the flash has made this a rather bright blue, but the models themselves look much more subdued in normal light - I quite like this colour for the French.  However, I've now got a pot of Vallejo model air French Blue, which looks like it will be a very good contender.

So first up, Napoleonic line infantry from Lancashire Games.  These were made up from a Battlepack of infantry with a pack of line command.  A battlepack has enough infantry for three battalions based this way, so a battlepack plus three command packs and "hey presto" a three battalion brigade of infantry.  These are based on 6 40x20mm bases and can be used as is for battalion level games of Bllack Powder or split into two three stand units for bigger brigade/divisional level games.

Line infantry in greatcoats, again from Lancashire Games - same ratio of Battlepacks to Command packs gives a three battalion brigade.  These boys are painted in khaki grey greatcoats, with uncovered shakos.

Another battalion, this time in neutral grey greatcoats with ivory shako covers.

I have one more battalion in green ochre greatcoats on the workbench - I'm hoping to get these finished before heading off to Sheffield for Joy of 6 on Sunday.  If anyone is heading over that way, come and see us at the Bjerkvik Cold War Commanders table where my USMC will be being pounded by various Soviet/Warpac units.

Thanks for looking.

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