Friday, 16 October 2015

20mm USMC for Afghanistan complete

Well, it's taken me 10 months to wrap up the Elhiem USMC battlepack for the scenarios in Enduring Freedom, a Christmas gift from my lovely wife.  To these I've added 4 diecast AAVP-7s, two bought off e-bay and 2 from Jumblies Models in a sale they ran earlier this year.  Then a real stroke of luck when the Works started to stock M1s in their £2 range of tank models.  So this gives me enough marines for a full infantry platoon, plus assault teams with SMAWs and M240bs, an EOD team (2 actually as I already had a pack), medics plus casualty figures, a sniper team and some spare riflemen and leaders, with AAVP transport and a troop of M1 Abrams tanks.

1st squad leader, with fireteams 1 alpha, 1 bravo and 1 charlie, lined up in front of the 1st squad AAVP.

2nd squad, organised as 1st.

3rd squad, similar to 1st and 2nd.

Various leaders, suitable for platoon command officer and senior NCO (on right), various communications specialists on the left.

An ANGLICO observer figure (lone kneeling figure on left), ready to call in Close Air Support, Naval Gunfire or artillery, whichever is available.  On the right are two Para Jump rescue medics, ready to parachute in to provide medical assistance.

Two medics plus assorted casualties.

Two EOD teams with IED bases.  Standing between the two background AAVPs are a group of four spare marine infantry, plus a single shotgun armed marine.

The sniper team between AAVPs.

Four assault teams lined up alongside AAVPs.  In front are M240b gunners plus spotters, behind are SMAW gunners with loaders.

The whole marine infantry platoon with AAVP transports plus a troop of M1s in the background.  Ready for their deployment to Afghanistan or possibly to Andreivia (fictional scenarios).

These are great figures, really nice to paint, and I am really pleased with the painting technique, which is partly based on the one at the back of Enduring Freedom and quite a bit on a number of other peoples blogs.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Thanks Will.

    Anytime you fancy giving them an outing, more than happy to bring 'em down to the club.

    Cheers, Andy

  2. Looking good as always, Andy. You've really got the uniform and vest/equipment colors nailed.

    Now, it seems to me that, with all that 20mm USMC goodness you've got no use for your 15mm USMC goodness. It just so happens that I know a guy ;)


    1. Thanks Jack, good to know they pass muster.

      As you'll have seen from later posts, I'm not quite done with 15mm yet. In fact I'm just working on a batch of 15mm ME Irregulars and regulars from Old Glory, so should have something for the marines to fight in 15mm soonish. Got too many things I'm interested in at the moment though, not enough time, what with real life getting in the way.

      Cheers, Andy