Saturday, 23 April 2016

20mm card buildings

Following a couple of visits to model shops in Northwich and Chester, I took the plunge and picked up some Metcalfe card model buildings in HO/OO scale.  Here are the three kits covering the Manor Farm complex, the farm itself and a workers cottage, barn and tractor shed, and modern barn, silage pit and chicken sheds.  I've spent around 3 or 4 hours assembling these, they aren't perfect, but are pretty robust.  I'll finish them off by darkening some of the fold lines, adding some plastic tube chimney pots and basing them. I've photographed them with some RH Models 1980's British infantry for scale.  I think they will also work well with 15mm scale troops as well.

First up, the Manor Farm House itself, showing the front porch and side lean-to building.

Rear view with extension and rear lean-to buildings.

The farm set also comes with a workers cottage, shown here from the front with side lean-to.

Rear view of the cottage with side and rear lean-to buildings.

The large modern barn set with side building cow byre.

With the barn comes this pair of chicken sheds.  These need to be based on some plastic strip wooden runners when I come to base them.

On the left is an empty silage pit, which also comes with the modern barn complex.  On the right is an older style barn with hay loft, showing the front entrance.

With the older-style barn comes a tractor shed, perfect for storing your ... err ... tractor.  Or possibly your bomb factory, bank robbery haul, transmitter, etc.

I also picked up a couple of terraced houses, a corner shop, library and a small factory complex; more on these later.  Once I complete them, I'll have enough buildings for a small town or the edge of a larger town or city suburb.  So, I have some simple Winter of 79 scenarios in mind based around the farm complex to try out my copy of the Living on the Front Line rules.

Thanks for looking.


  1. They look great, really like the modern barn. Look forward to seeing the rest.
    Richard P

    1. Cheers Richard. They are surprisingly easy to put together, although it took a little while to get used to it. The modern barn comes with slurry pit and hen houses, so well worth the money. Just need some farm machinery and animals now.

      Cheers, Andy