Sunday, 11 September 2016

Saga army finished at last

My main Christmas 2013 present from the missus was a 6pt Saga Anglo-Danish army from Gripping Beast.  I started work on them in September 2014 and I finally managed to complete the last unit a week ago, a little over 2 years after I started - how's that for progress?

The last unit completed were a group of 12 sling-armed levy.  I've kitted them out in some rather drab brown, beige and grey colours with some washed out greens and reds, on the basis they would be dressed in homespun  clothing dyed with natural materials.

The complete warband.  Levy slingers in front, two units of 8 unarmoured warriors in the second rank and a unit of 8 armoured warriors in the third rank.  At the rear is the warlord, armed with a Dane axe, plus a similarly armed unit of 4 hearthguard and a Saxon leader, representing an exiled Saxon advisor/hero.

From the front.

From their left flank.

From their right.

Looking through the centre of the ranks.

Bearing in mind the snails pace of progress on the Anglo-Danes, I have no idea when these will be wrapped up, but my son persuaded me to buy him a pack of Gripping Beast Late Roman plastics.  I tried painting one of the leaders and a musician as a try out.  I don't think they have turned out too badly and he seems pleased with them.  I was going to try and paint the shield designs by hand, but on seeing the decal examples from the Baggage Train, I decided to get a couple of packs to kit out the pack.  So the officers shield will need to be painted out in white before applying the decal.

So, with a big 6mm game coming up I've been finishing off the last of my 1980s Turks, in the form of an F-4 Phantom, my only air support, which is currently drying on the bench after being varnished.  Now to decide which is the next part finished project to wrap up.

As ever, thanks for looking.

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