Friday, 7 October 2016

20mm WW1 Don Cossacks Winter Dress

These guys have been loitering on the workbench for a while now, just needing a final push to finish them off.  This is a set of Strelets WW1 Don Cossacks in winter dress - they are wearing hooded greatcoats.  Quite nice figures, not too much flash and they took to paint relatively well, after a cycle in the dishwasher.

Apart from their use in WW1 scenarios, these guys will make an appearance in Russian Civil War games and also will be taking to the streets and hills of Andreivia for our game next April set against the backdrop of the Russian Civil War around 1919-20 in the fictional Black Sea country. 

I recently picked up a box of Strelets Don Cossacks in Summer dress, so these too will hopefully make an appearance in Andreivia in the Spring.

As ever, thanks for looking.

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