Friday, 8 September 2017

28mm Darkest Africa

Having played a couple of games of Pulp Alley using Steve's largely Wargames Foundry armies for Darkest Africa, he asked me if I would paint up some colonial British Sikh infantry, in exchange for some colonial British infantry.

Here are the basic infantry types, two NCOs and nine rankers.  Steve supplied them based on 2pence coins and they were already black undercoated.  Here they have a base coat of khaki grey - paint is still wet.

For the officer, Steve picked the chappie on the right with sword arm and we agreed he'd use the levelled pistol for his other arm.

Next they had a heavy dry brush of khaki.

Then a lighter dry brush of khaki with a little Iraqi sand.

Leather boots and webbing, khaki grey puttees, Iraqi sand straps for water bottle and haversack, black-grey rifle barrels and mahogany rifle woodwork.

Faces in sunny skintone washed with Reikland flesh wash.  Beards flat brown dry brushed in beige brown or dark then light grey with touches of white.

Washed with Agrax Earthshade diluted 50% with airbrush flow improver.

Gloss varnish.

Matt varnish.

The finished product.  Steve is going to detail the bases, so I'll take a photo when I see them at the club.

There were also Tarzan- and Jane-style figures in the box he passed to me, so they are done in light brown skin dry brushed with flat flesh and washed with Reikland flesh wash.  Thongs and bikini are leather, hair light brown dry brushed dark sand and Iraqi sand, toe nails ivory.

Gloss varnish.

Matt varnish.

I passed these over to Steve last night and he seemed pretty happy with them.  I now have units of Zulu Wars British and Boer Wars British infantry to paint up, plus I'm going to paint up two units of colonial Scottish infantry, one for him and one for me.

Thanks for looking.

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  1. Nice job. I look forward to seeing the finished articles when the basing's done.