Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Clearing up some 20mm WW2 mini-projects

This is a resin Panther that I bought from Paul at the club, probably a Britannia Miniatures casting.  I need to get a suitable commander figure for it.

Then, these are from the Zvezda German High Command set, in winter clothing.  These clip-together figures went together quite nicely, with little need for glue.

These figures are from the Zvezda 1939-43 British medical team.  These guys are painted for the western desert or Crete.  First up is a stretcher party retrieving a wounded infantryman.

And a British medical orderly with first aid kit.

Then, to finish off my early war Fallschirmjager, here is a Kelly's Heroes (Grubby Tanks) stretcher party with wounded man.

Also from Kelly's Heroes, a Fallschirmjager medic with wounded man.

Some additional pioneers for the Fallschirmjager, all four are rifle armed and carrying satchel charges.

And finally, a pair of Fallschirmjager armed with man-pack flamethrowers.

Hopefully, I have a few more things to post before the Christmas break.  Thanks for looking.


  1. Great work Andy, particularly like the stretcher bearer teams.

    Cheers, Richard P

    1. Cheers Richard, yes I was pleased with how they turned out. The command team was my favorite.

      Cheers, Andy