Thursday, 15 February 2018

New additions

Just a quick post today to show some new additions to the stash.

First up is the haul from Vapnartak 2018.  I wanted the core of a 15mm scale British battlegroup for the Unofficial Battlegroup Moderns rules, so here are some Battlefront FV432s and Chieftains, plus an infantry platoon.  Then there is a box of LAVs to go with my USMC kit.  Rear right are my only purchases off the trader tables, a diecast PzII and a box of Caeser German WW2 infantry in greatcoats.

The FV432s are already assembled and base coated, a platoon of 4 infantry APCs and an FV438 Swingfire carrier.  The infantry are painted and awaiting basing.  The LAVs and WW2 kit have joined my stash.

Looking to fill out some 1980s British kit, I took a look at Butlers Printed Models.  Based on recent reviews and the price, I decided to have a go and ordered a Lynx ATGM helo, 2 Landys, 2 FV432 mortar carriers and a tracked Rapier, all in 15mm.  The image below shows the Landys, the one on the right as supplied and the one on the left after clean up.  These are nice models.  There are some contours visible on the sloped surfaces, but progressive paint layers has suppressed them quite nicely.  The plastic they are made from is a tough nylon-like material, which appears to be quite robust, although it doesn't file neatly, tending to fray rather than smooth out.  All that being said, they are a good price and detailed enough to help build an army cheaply.  They also offered excellent service.  I ordered them on Sunday and they were in my hands on Tuesday evening.  Excellent!

I've also ordered some of the Armies Army British kit now available from The Plastic Soldier Co at the same time, but not had anything turn up yet, so I will post pictures of these in due course.

Thanks for looking.

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