Sunday, 25 March 2018

15mm Marder III Sdkfz139

I picked up some Battlefront vehicles in a sale recently.  The first one out of the bag was this Marder III Sdkfz139, which I've painted in Middlestone with irregular blebs of orange-brown with a little Mahogany to darken it.  The two crew are in neutral grey trousers, which I've mixed with field grey in an attempt to create variations on reed green.

Despite the high profile and poor armour, making it quite vulnerable, the Russian 76.2mm field gun, redesignated 7.62cm PAK36(r) by the Germans and rechambered slightly to load standard 75mm ammunition, means it packs a real punch.

The model was straightforward to build, the usual resin hull, white metal tracks, gun and crew, plus the gun support and hull mounted MG34.

Nice "publicity" shot to boost morale by emphasising the length and calibre of the gun.

Should be useful for mid-WW2 on the Eastern Front and in limited numbers in Tunisia.

Thanks for looking.