Tuesday, 12 January 2021

More 20mm model building

Continuing the model kit assembly, I've finished these chaps, ready for stowage and painting. 

A First2fight Sdkfz 221.

Another First2fight kit, an Sdkfz 222.

A pair of First2fight Kruppe Protz 70 troop carriers.

A First2fight Kruppe Protze 69 artillery tow, with a Zvezda PAK 36.

A buttoned up Airfix Cromwell.

Finally for now, a set of Italeri DAK motorcycles.

Soon be time to reclaim my corner of the kitchen table, so I can resume painting.

As ever, thanks for looking.


  1. Replies
    1. Busy is an understatement Will - hope the collarbone is healing!

      Nice work Andy - very productive!

    2. Trying to keep busy. Fortunately, other than being at home, hes old enough to get on with online lessons, so I only see him during the day when hes hungry. Leaves lots of time to build.

  2. Those look great Andy! Those First2Fight models are nice! Look forward to seeing them all painted up.

    1. Cheers Richard. They are great little kits. The Kruppe Protz 70s were tricky as they cant be assembled in the order from the instructions. The truck bed doesnt fit over the wheel arches unless they are pre assembled. Gave me a headache on the first one until I worked it out lol.

    2. From distant memory the old Matchbox Pak-36 with Kruppe had the same issue - was a pain in the neck.

    3. Dont think I ever built one of them. My big bug bear is still the old style tracks that need to be hot welded, but are about an inch short of closing around the wheels. Any stretch and off come the wheels. Love the Airfix Cromwell, which solves that beautifully.

  3. All your gear looks so good especially the Cromwell. I was looking at your US figures again and realised that I had indeed pinched some of your ideas. Keep busy, keep safe.