Sunday, 18 August 2013

More early war German armour

WARNING:  The images on this post include my poor attempt at representing flags of the Nazi regime (1933-45) ruling in Germany.  These are included purely in the interests of historical accuracy.  If you are located in a region where viewing this material is illegal, please do not proceed any further!

Another Panzer Battalion for early war BKCII, this time of Pz38ts.  Three light kompanies, each of one Pz II platoon and 2 Pz38t platoons, and one depleted heavy kompanie of one (should be two at full strength but I don't have enough models) Pz IV and one Pz II.  Also a Pz II recce platoon and an HQ stand with Pz II, kubelwagen and kettenkrad.
One of the light kompanies, with Pz II at the back and Pz 38ts in the foreground.
 Heavy kompanie with Pz IV platoon at the back and Pz II in front.  I need to get another Pz IV from Heroics and Ros to complete the kompanie.
 The HQ stand with Pz II, Kettenkrad and Kubelwagen, and the Pz II recce stand.

Need to get some more Pz IIs and IVs and I've got enough for another similar battalion.

As ever, thanks for looking.

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