Sunday, 1 September 2013

Modelzone booty

I was sad to hear that Modelzone (a U.K. based high street model shop chain) has gone into administration and is being wound up.  However, "it is an ill wind ...." as they say and I have had the opportunity to scour Modelzone shops in Chester, Swansea and Plymouth for bargains being sold off with some reasonable discounts.

In the end, I finished up with two packs of Airfix German paratroopers (I'm going to paint these up as early war for the Low Countries and Crete).  Also got two packs of Revell WW2 British Infantry (hadn't realised these are the original Matchbox figures rereleased by Revell - not sure what I'm going to do with these yet).  Also picked up two boxes of Italeri 100 years war English knights and foot soldiers, enough for a handfull of units).  Then I also picked up a die-cast Challenger tank and an Airfix JSIII tank - the Challenger can support my modern British infantry, while I thought the JSIII tank would make a useful armour addition to an Andreivia militia unit, having been liberated from a museum.  Finally, I got a Modelzone diecast Stuka divebomber to provide some close air support for the paratroopers.

All in all, not a bad haul at a greatly discounted price, and some nice little projects to keep me going through the autumn and winter.  Unfortunately no ACW figures in the sales - these seem to have fallen off the radar at the moment.  Still very sorry to see Modelzone go under as it was my main local source for Woodland Scenics products - looks like it will have to be mail order from now on.  I wish all Modelzone employees good luck in finding new jobs, let's hope someone comes along to fill the vacuum left by the chains demise.

Thanks for looking!

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