Sunday, 8 September 2013

15mm German Forces

As I was sorting out the US Paratrooper forces I'm planning on using in the upcoming FoW campaign at the Defenders, I also dug out my German troops and transferred them from box files into some plastic trays that I bought in a Hobbycraft sale some months back.  While doing this I thought I might as well take some photos, so here they are.

A Heer Festung Grenadier or Fusilier Platoon, figures mainly from the Peterpig German and SS infantry ranges, with the odd Battlefront figure.
 Another Heer platoon, as above, figures almost exclusively Battlefront.
A Heer platoon, as above, this time in greatcoats and with various gloves and scarves - well it can get cold evenings in northern France, even in summer - figures by Battlefront.
 A Panzer IV section with platoon command Panzer IV - all vehicles by Peterpig.
 A Panther platoon with command tank and Bergepanther repair and recovery vehicle, again all vehicles by Peterpig.
 A Schwere Panzer Platoon of three Konigstigers, by Skytrex - these are real heavy metal, both the vehicles they represent and the models themselves - there is a serious amount of metal castings here.
Mobile AA support in the form of a Wirbelwind and Sdkfz 7/1 with quad 2.0cm AA gun, all from Battlefront.
 Co HQ of a Gepanzerte SS_Panzergrenadier Kompanie with CO, 2iC and optional pair of tank hunter panzerschreck teams.  This is a Battlefront set that was given away free with a subscription to Wargames Illustrated a few years back.
 A Gepanzerte SS_Panzergrenadier Platoon with command stand plus three section of two stands and Sdkfz 251 transports, figures mainly Skytrex SS infantry with occasional Peterpig and vehicles by Peterpig.
 Gepanzerte SS Heavy Platoon with Sdkfz 251 transport and HMG section (there should be two but the second section is missing at present).  Peterpig vehicles, Skytrex CO and Battlefront HMGs.
 An Sdkfz-251/9 on the right from the heavy platoon, plus a Marder TD on the left, both by Peterpig.
 SS AT gun platoon, minus transport.  PAK 40s and crew are Peterpig.
 Heer AA Platoon of three 20mm quad AA guns with transport, less two vehicles - ready for those Jabos.  Vehicles and guns from Battlefront.
 An 88mm heavy AT/AA gun with transports, additional crew stand and separate stand for wheels and axles, models from Battlefront.
 An assortment of concrete Tobruk pits.  Those at the bottom with LMGs are as supplied from Battlefront, but these packs also contain an obsolete French tank turret, so I used these turrets with some balsa sheet to make another set of turret stands.
 Three 75mm IG stands with SS crews - all from Peterpig I think.
 An SS Panzergrenadier Kompanie, less transports, figures from Skytrex and the odd Peterpig.
 Another SS Panzergrenadier Platoon less transport, figures by Skytrex, Peterpig and Battlefront.
 Grenadier Pioneer Platoon, figures by Battlefront, with one stand per section replaced with  flamethrower stand - no transport.

A bit of an eclectic mixture of Battlefront, Peterpig and Skytrex kit built up over about 20 years, most of that time with no specific goal in mind but to collect vehicles and figures that captured my imagination.  If I start to play more often in this scale, I'll fill out some of the units that I don't have models for or finish off those sitting in the unpainted lead mountain.

Thanks for looking.

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