Monday, 2 September 2013

20mm Fallschirmjaeger

I thought I'd try a test and paint up a company's worth (8 figures) of the Airfix German Paratroopers that I picked up recently at Modelzone.  These are painted as early war troops for the Low Countries and Crete.  I'm basing them for Rapid-Fire as this seems a popular set of rules at the club for 20mm WW2 games and their web site has some useful scenarios as a starting point for battles in Crete.

They were washed in detergent and undercoated in acrylic gesso - all paints used were Vallejo except Middle East flesh which is an old pot of Howard Hues.  Unfortunately, the Airfix plastic used for these figures is really soft and unusually water repellent.  The jump smock was painted in Russian Uniform and highlighted with Green grey, helmet, trousers and jacket lapels were painted in German Luftwaffe grey, highlighted with the base coat and a little white.  Water bottles are Flat brown with Black grey boots and webbing, weapons are Beige brown and Gunmetal.  SMG magazine holders and ammo pouches are Beige.  Skin is painted using Middle East Flesh base and Medium flesh highlights.  Insignia were painted on in White.  The figures were washed with dilute Army Painted dark tone ink and varnished courtesy of Wilkinsons matt acrylic varnish.



I'm generally pretty pleased with the way these have turned out.  There should be enough basic infantry in the two boxes of Airfix figures for three battalions, and I will fill out the specialist equipment with some SHQ purchases, either later this month or sometime in October.  This should provide enough forces for some Crete-based scenarios.  With some appropriate engineer figures, I should also be able to do some of the Low Countries actions such as Eben Email and the actions in the Netherlands.

Thanks for looking.

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