Sunday, 8 September 2013

15mm US Paratroopers

Members of the Defenders club are organising a Flames of War tournament/campaign to run over the winter.  Although I'm not very familiar with the rules system, I thought I'd sign up and dust off my 15mm collection.  As an aside to the game we're also going to play a BKCII game using the same forces to see how the feel of the two systems compares on the same scenario.

My US paratrooper forces are the nearest to being complete and should be able to make up the 1750 points needed.  Although painted with shoulder patches attempting to show the "Screaming Eagle" of the 101st Airborne Division, for the campaign they are going to represent the 82nd "All American" Airborne Division plus attachments suitable for Normandy.

Here is a Parachute Infantry Company HQ with CO stand (actually the FoW Maxwell Taylor stand) and 2iC stand, plus optional extras of 3 bazooka and three sniper stands.
 A reinforced Parachute Rifle Platoon (1st platoon) of three rifle/mg sections, each of two stands plus an optional extra stand, plus a mortar squad of one bazooka and one 60mm mortar stand.  Note the larger than normal platoon command stand at the front.
 2nd Parachute Rifle Platoon, organised as 1st Platoon.
 3rd Parachute Rifle Platoon, organised as 1st and 2nd Platoons.
 A Parachute MG platoon of two MG sections, each of four stands, plus two optional additional bazookas.
 A Parachute Mortar Platoon, with two sections of 81mm mortars, each of two stands and optional additional bazooka stands.
 One gun section from a Parachute Field Artillery Battery with command stand, observer team and staff team.
 A Parachute Engineer Combat Platoon with two operating squads of two rifle/pioneer stands, plus a weapons squad of two MG stands, with a pioneer supply cart and command stand (actually the FoW Gen Gavin stand).
 An attached Glider Rifle Platoon with three sections of three stands, command stand and bazooka.
 Two M1 57mm gun sections plus the command stand (actually the FoW Eureka Beacon stand) from a Glider AT platoon.
One tank destroyer section of two M10 3" GMC tank destroyers, plus an M20 utility car and carbine team, with command stand and jeep with .50 cal AA MG, all from an 899th Tank Destroyer Platoon.

For the actual campaign, I shall have to be careful in what I select as its likely that they will be up against some armour heavy forces.  The only dedicated AT weapons are the tank destroyers of the 899th and some glider-borne 57mm guns, so I will need to go with a few of the optional bazookas and hope for some close in fighting in dense terrain - bring on the bocage or some forests.

Looking forward to getting these guys into action.  Thanks for looking.

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