Sunday, 22 September 2013

D day fortifications in 6mm part 3

Added some more models today.  Here we have an artillery observation tower, based I think on the example at Ouistreham in Normandy - I can't find this on the Baggage Train site, so guess it must be new, together with a couple of R667 50mm AT bunkers with left and right enfilade walls respectively.

The observation bunker from the front.  Space on the top for an AA gun, I'm thinking either single or quad 20mm AA gun.
And from the rear.  The underground entrance on the right is covered by an MG position under the concrete lintel at the far end.  A tough nut to crack.
A left enfilade R667 50mm AT bunker.
The right enfilade version.
Detail of the rear of the bunker, same for both models, showing the rear blast wall, which prevents direct fire at the rear entrance to the bunker.

Just got the sea wall sections to finish off, but there are a lot of them, almost a metre in length on the table top, so about enough to stretch from La Breche to Lion sur Mer in 6mm.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I may be wrong but with all these great D-Day inspired terrain pieces and many of your previous posts I am getting the impression that you are planning a Mega D-Day game.


    Richard P

  2. Hi Richard

    Ian and I found out that Len, the Defenders chairman, has booked the main hall for two games weekends, one we knew about in October (We're playing Leipzig 1813 in BP) and the other in November. For November, Ian and I are going to try to hold a D-day Sword Beach and the Orne Bridges scenario. We've almost got enough British forces, at least 2 brigades worth of infantry, 1 of paratroopers and enough armour. May need some more marines/commandoes. I've just ordered enough vehicles for 21st Panzer, so should be close to a full complement. We'll play it out over the two days and reckon we could accommodate at least 5 or 6 players (if you're interested!?). I'm not sure of the exact dates, mid-November I think but can double check on Thursday.