Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Dystopian Wars FSA Fleet

Well, I managed to complete the FSA fleet starter pack with an additional dreadnaught and battleship, which represents the surface ships available to me.  I still have a bunch of tiny fliers, two A-17 bombers, a Valley Class Airship and a Savannah Class Sky Fortress on the bench.

A view of the fleet in review from the Savannah Skyfortress.
 The two Enterprise class dreadnaughts, representing the main punch of the fleet.
 Two Independence class battleships, also packing a hefty punch, especially with all those rockets.
 Three Lexington class cruisers.
 Nine Augusta class frigates.
 The surface fleet at anchor.

I figured as these are for an alternative history ruleset I had plenty of leeway as to colour schemes so have opted for a patriotic scheme.  All are Vallejo colours with hull in Prussian blue, superstructure in white and paddle wheel housings in flat red.  Decks are beige brown, turrets and machinery gunmetal, tanks/boilers in copper and pipes in brass, with oily steel for any structural metalwork.

Thanks for looking.

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  1. Nicely done, I rather like the patriotic colours; they make the models really stand out and your right in that you can paint them how you like because there's nobody to tell you otherwise!