Saturday, 25 October 2014

20mm Taliban heavy weapons

At the World Wargames show at Donnington Park I picked up some reinforcements for my Andreivian Turk/Taliban forces, a mixed bag of heavy weapons and AK infantry with light support weapons.  These are Britannia Miniatures Taliban from their Afghanistan range from Grubby Tanks.

First up a pair of DHsK 12.7mm HMGs in the AA role, each with three crew.  These Dushkas (Sweetie or Dear) will be providing some much needed air cover as well as some fire support in the ground role where needed.

These are three DHsK 12.7mm HMGs in the ground fire support configuration, again each with three crew.

Finally, three 81mm mortars, again, you guessed it, each with three crew.

I've used a variety of fairly drab Vallejo colours for these, mainly NATO black, basalt grey, blue grey, English uniform and Iraqi sand, with some combat jackets in US cammo green, cammo olive green and Tamiya NATO green.  Some dark reds, olive greens, white and yellow break up the more dreary colours.  All are washed in Army Painter strong tone with 2 coats of Vallejo matt varnish.

More Britannia infantry reinforcements to follow.  Thanks for looking.


  1. Great work Andy, look forward to seeing them in Dungworth next year.
    Richard P

  2. Thanks Richard. Yes, looking forward to getting them in action next year. They will be pretty battle hardened by then as they are figuring quite strongly in a little imagi-nation campaign (Ukrovia) Ian and I are wrapped up in along with Mike, Dave and others at the club.

    Cheers, Andy