Monday, 13 October 2014

Pound shop bargains for Tomorrows War

Had a day off work today so decided to visit Northwich and call in at the Model Shop and mooch around the town centre.  The Model Shop is a nice find as they stock a good range of model kits and 1:72 scale soldiers of various periods and manufacturers, as well as a lot of model railway kit.  Sad to see they stock Javis scenic items, but not Woodland Scenics.  I picked myself up a Revel Sopwith Camel and a pot of Army Painter strong tone ink wash.

Anyway, I found myself in a pound shop looking at the toys and found these little packs for a pound a box.

Inside, you get two vehicles, one that looks remarkably like a French VAB, and a MBT of uncertain origin, which could be a badly rendered Leclerc, given the VAB theme, or more likely a sort of Merkava given the elongate turret and turret mounting towards the rear of the hull.  There are also two signs, which I might alter to read "Danger Mines!" and two oil drums marked with yellow and black hazard tape. Contents of three packs plus a fourth pack still in packaging below.

Details of the models in each pack.  The VAB looks pretty good for 15mm scale to me and will bring me more apc capabilities.  The MBT looks a little small, so I may classify this as a light tank or a Merkava style combined tank/apc.

Then, as a bonus, I spotted this Italeri 1:100 scale Mirage III.  This should work fine as air support for my Force on Force games in 15mm or 20mm.

Not a bad haul for £5.  Not sure whether I'll repaint the armour as it looks quite funky and futuristic to me already - maybe just an ink wash to pop the detail.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Nice finds. Always like the way the packs in the pound shops have items in completely different scales. How big are those oil drums. I looked at one the other day with a Land Rover and Trailer which would suit 20mm but the animals were massive. The horse was too big for the trailer! Mirage looks good.
    Richard P

  2. Thanks Richard. Yes, oil drums could pass for 28mm or even larger, MBT looks like 1:144 or 1:200 and the VABs are 1:100, so a real mixed bag, but for Tomorrows War the MBTs can be used as lighter vehicles in 15mm and the VABs are perfect as they are. The drums might find their way into 20mm settings as an objective marker or similar.
    Cheers, Andy