Thursday, 4 December 2014

D-day at Gauntlet 2014

Some older photographs that I've not been able to download from the phone until now.  This is a beach landing scenario that I played with Ian Clarke and Ian Shaw using Battlegroup WW2 rulesat the Deeside Defenders Gauntlet Show back in the summer.  These are quite fun, but infantry on foot take an age to get anywhere.  The scenario was quite generic, bit would fit well with Sword or Gold beach.

First wave landing.

Another view of the crowded beach and surf.

The landing craft are a mixture of mine and Ian S's, largely from the Scotia Ship to Shore range.

The infantry swarm over the sea wall and start to push inland.

The German hinterland, largely devoid of troops until 21st Panzer arrive.

I thought these were worth sharing as the beaches looked quite spectacular.

Thanks for looking.

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