Saturday, 6 December 2014

Frodsham Furies Pike and Shotte game

These are some more pictures that have been locked up on my phone since the summer.  Some while back, the inaugural meeting of the Frodsham Furies took place at the Guides HQ in Frodsham, UK.  Neither the figures nor the scenery are mine, all were supplied by the players on the day.  I can no longer remember who won or lost, I think it ended with a minor victory for the team I was on, but that was nothing to do with me as the left wing, which I controlled, did very little but hold the line.

The set up on the left flank, the troops I commanded in the foreground, Dave's, my opponent on the far side.

My troops occupying a bastion which marked the right flank of my command.  Chris commanded the predominantly cavalry middle and used them to great effect by a series of charges and counter charges.

The cavalry ranks in all their glory - of course they weren't so pretty at the end of the day, but neither was the enemy.

Infantry on the right flank.

With a small fort to anchor the line.

Push of pike, which seems to be hurting my blokes quite a bit.

The enemy advance cautiously between trees and fields on my right.

The cavalry engagement in the centre.

The enemy come to grips with my centre.  That cannon next to the farm proved quite effective though.

The infantry advance on my right is pushed back a little.

A view from the ranks.

Steady boys - stirring words from the brigadier.

The table looked awesome and the troops fantastic, all in all a fun day for all involved.  I've still got a Battalia starter pack that I need to assemble and paint, so I can add my own forces to the fray for our upcoming ECW campaign at the Defenders club.

Thanks for looking.

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