Friday, 14 August 2015

Heroics and Ros Tracked Rapier - the radar assembly

The general clutter on my kitchen table.  On the left the projects I've run out of steam on, including Pendraken Colonial Egyptian cavalry, Modern Elhiem US Marines, various Battlefront bits and bobs and, on the right at the back, Napoleonic British foot artillery batteries.  The rest of the projects are odds and ends, mainly engineers for the 1985 British 4th Armoured Division, which will be making an appearance at the Broughton CWC megagame in September.

The tracked Rapiers, with thee odd U-shaped bits (radar gantry) stuck on to the missile turret.

A slightly more side-on view.  I clipped off the waste metal from the opposite end to the radar dish and then dipped the two ends in superglue, then gently pushed them into the slots either side of the missile array.  This seemed to grip them nicely and they are pretty solid now the glue has cured.

Thanks for looking.


  1. That is a lived in workbench! Good stuff.

    Cheers, Aaron

    1. Thanks Aaron,

      Not sure the wife appreciates it - I keep telling her it's a temporary arrangement on the basis that I clear it once a year to eat our Christmas dinner - then it's back to painting.

      Cheers, Andy