Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Ligny at Gauntlet 2015

Having been involved in a 15mm game based on Quatre Bras on the Saturday, it seemed appropriate to join in the big Ligny game organised by Will on the Sunday ( and ).  This was a spectacular game laid on using Will's extensive Napoleonics collection in 20mm, mainly using plastic figures collected over a lifetime.  For the second day of fighting, I joined the Prussian high command, bringing the number of players to three, versus four French players, including one representing Napoleon.

Looking southeast past Wegnelee towards St Amand.  Prussian forces have crossed the brook and taken position of various hamlets, which are the centre of fierce assaults and the exchange of surprisingly ineffective volleys.

Napoleon, in conversation with the umpire (Will), actually rolling to see if the Old Guard are available this turn; alas not this time.

Ligny in the distance, held by Prussian infantry and being assaulted by French infantry.  At this time, French artillery is counterbattery firing on Prussian artillery, so is not available to reduce the buildings.

The Prussians have assembled a Grande Battery of their own, opposite St Amand, although this failed to be as effective as the French artillery concentrations.  In the angle of the brook between St Amand and Ligny, French young guard cross the brook in an attempt to storm the Prussian centre.  Moving to meet them a thin blue line of Landwehr and Line infantry (my command on day 2).

The great cavalry stand-off beyond Ligny - neither side can cross the brook without taking severe punishment.

The left flank of the Young Guard get strung out and disordered while crossing the brook and then face volleys from the Prussian infantry.

The Prussian infantry initiative charge home into the left flank unit of the Young Guard and, against all expectations, the guard disintegrates and flees the field, sweeping away their supporting battalion in the rout as well.  Unfortunately, although I can't complain, the remaining guard units stand firm. 

The remnants of the Young Guard and Prussian infantry exchange volleys, in the background the drums are beating and the Old Guard is on the march.

Concentrated battery fire from the French artillery eventually pushed the Prussians out of Ligny, one city block at a time, although one unit hangs on in the centre of the city.

 The French make little headway in the fight for St Amand and the other hamlets.

Prussian and French infantry looking a little shaken, although fresh Prussians on the left start to swing the balance locally?

There the game ended.  Lots of fun and another of Wills great spectacles.  A big thank you to Will for organising it and furnishing all the models and terrain, to the Prussians for letting me play with some of their command and to the French for being such good opponents.

Thanks for looking.

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  1. Wow, that's fantastic, such a huge fight.

    But kinda depressing, reminding me that I'll never finish my Napoleonics...

    Good stuff Andy, looked like a great time.