Wednesday, 16 September 2015

15mm Bravo Two Zero SAS figures

Inspired by the recent Wargames Illustrated article on the SAS planning for an attack on the Argentine mainland in 1982 (September issue), I decided to order some 20mm SAS troopers from CP Models.  While browsing their web site, I came across their 15mm moderns range and their Bravo Two Zero range of SAS for the 1991 Gulf War.  I bought a couple of packs, giving me four four-man fire teams, each comprising 2 SAW gunners and 2 with SA-80s and UGLs, plus one of the SA-80 armed figures is operating a LAW as well.
I have painted them in desert camo gear, with a light brown base coat, dark tone ink washed.  Bergens are olive drab dry brushed with a lighter shade of the same colour.  Uniforms are highlighted in Iraqi Sand.  Boots are English Uniform.  A couple of the sand masks and grenades are painted NATO green.
The photos below show the figures searching a desert village (buildings from The Baggage Train).

The photo below shows the 8 figure content of one of the packs, each pack containing 4 SAW gunners and 4 SA-80 riflemen with UGLs.

All in all I quite like these figures.  I think with the right paint job they could pass muster as cold weather troopers as well.  In the meanwhile, these will do nicely alongside my Peterpig, Battlefront and QRF figures.  Next show I attend I'm going to pick up some Old Glory Taliban.  Painting these made a nice interlude in the flow of NATO green onto my 6mm forces and the painting of Timecast buildings (which I'm still working on Richard!).

Thanks for looking!


  1. Hi Andy,
    Nice work, really like those figures. Have to check out CP Models. Glad to hear you are still working on your Timecast Models.
    Richard P

  2. Thanks Richard. I wasn't sure at first, as the Bergens give the figures a bit of a Space Marine look, but they paint up well and look the business.

    Yes, got the last of the buildings based and undercoated, so hope to finish them this weekend!

    Then it's on to the minefields.

    Cheers, Andy

  3. Looking good, Andy. I recall seeing these before and thinking to pick some up. My question is, how are they size-wise? On their website they look to be on the large side of 15mm; how do they match up with your Peter Pig Marines?


    1. Hi Jack,

      They are a little more chunky than most Peterpig figures, but compare quite well with the US Marines. The huge Bergens that they are carrying gives them a bit of a Space Marine look, but that is really all down to the pack. I'd feel quite comfortable using them on the same tabletop. The Iraqi troops they do are similarly proportioned although they seem to suffer slightly from big heads - at least that's how they look to me.

      Cheers, Andy