Saturday, 12 September 2015

6mm Timecast Scenics

Most of the British are finished for the Battle of Hannover at the end of the month, so I've started on some 6mm scenic items.

First up is a sea level lighthouse, purchased from Leven Miniatures at the Joy of Six show.  I wanted to create a rocky promontory to put the lighthouse on, which I made up out of some chipboard offcuts left over from flooring the new shed, scattered with some small granite gravel pieces that I picked up off a beach in the Scilly Isles about 20 years ago.  I sealed everything with dilute PVA glue, to help stick down all the bits of gravel and provide a base for the paint to cut to.  Rocks were painted black grey, then progressively lighter dry brushing with neutral grey and dark sea grey and highlighted with light sea grey.  Spoldges of Vallejo sand basing medium provide the little beachy coves, with earth basing medium to represent patches of soil on the higher parts.  Sea is dark sea blue.  The lighthouse was mounted on a platform of Vallejo plastic putty, with the base painted NATO black and the lighthouse in Ivory and a mix of dark and flat red.  Window frames and the lighthouse lamp housing were overpainted in white and the windows are azure with a gloss varnish.

So now I'm starting on a batch of Timecast modern European buildings that Richard Phillips sent to me almost a year ago.  First of these is an apartment block.  This particular model had been damaged in transit and arrived in two big pieces and several shards.  I managed to glue everything back together, but had to fill several big gaps, some with more success than others.  Still,  it has a knocked about look, either due to the passage of time or because there is a war going on.  I'm not happy with the roof, the ink wash stains are too patchy, so I'll try and dry brush it with the roof colour again to see if it smooths out a bit.  Need to add some clutter to the base to finish it off.

This is a rather dilapidated farm building, I'm assuming not from the modern range as it has a dog cart or similar contraption parked outside.  Again, I don't like the patchy ink stains on the roof.

A half timbered house from the Napoleonics range (I think).  I've not inked this one yet as I want to get a finish on the roof that I'm happy with.

A modern industrial unit.  This needs to be based, but I need to cut some more mdf bases - unfortunately it's raining here so I'm not about to venture out to the shed anytime soon.  The Vallejo flat yellow seems very patchy and has required three coats to get to the colour saturation in the pictures.  Yellows seem notoriously poor for coverage.

So, I'll be getting some more bases organised and I'll need to sort some small scenic items to add clutter to the bases.  Then if I can sort out the splodgy ink staining, I'll we able to churn out a few more.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Hi Andy,
    Looking good is that a branch of IKEA? Wish we could find a spot for the lighthouse unfortunately not much sea around Hanover. Like you nearly finished forces apart from a few infantry bases and command bases so the next two weeks its Terrain! Terrain! Terrain! Just finishing up 48 Telegraph Poles! Then its more hedges and trees.
    Richard P

    1. Sshh! You only have to say that name 3 times and my bank account goes down several hundred quid and I loose a week of my life assembling more stuff to clutter up the house. But, yes, that was my inspiration!

      Cheers, Andy

  2. Hi guys,
    same for me, getting there, slowly!

  3. Cheers Steve,

    Sounds like we're all getting there.

    Cheers, Andy