Saturday, 2 July 2016

20mm WW1 ANZAC platoon heavy weapons

I'm off to Gauntlet in an hour or so, to pay in the Korsun-Cherkassy pocket game, but before that, here are some WW1 troops that will be finding their way to Andreivia next year.

These are from the HAT ANZAC heavy weapons set.

First up, a pair of rifle grenadiers; I need to check if these are allocated to rifle sections or to the Lewis gun sections.

Lewis gun team.

Another Lewis gun team, different angle.

A British Lewis gun team rom the HAT WW1 British heavy weapons box.  I'm going to use these guys in tin hats to supplement the HAT WW1 British in tropical gear that are currently on my painting table.  I also plan to mix in some riflemen in tin hats as well, to give a more varied look that seems to typify the archive photos of British troops in Palestine and Iraq.

So, that should bring my ANZAC platoon up to full strength.  I picked up a couple of WW1 patrol cars from Early War Miniatures at the Phalanx show, along with an Indian Army screw gun, and I will use some spare ANZAC riflemen, possibly with a Vickers MMG, as a more mobile troop for rapid deployment.  They will need some support, so I also picked up an Austin-Putilov and Garford-Putilov armoured car, plus a Whippet tank from Shellhole Scenics.  I'm in the process of assembling the Whippet at the moment.

As ever, thanks for looking.


  1. Cool stuff Andy, I always loved the Lewis Gun.

    Hope the Eastern Front game went well... And you took lotsa pictures!


  2. Thanks Jack. Weren't Lewis guns used by US forces at Pearl Harbour and Wake Island? I know the Vickers MMG was, but thought I'd seen troops in the WW1 tin hat using Lewis guns against the Japanese early on.

    Cheers, Andy