Saturday, 27 August 2016

Soviet 6mm air support

We played a game of Team Yankee on Thursday evening, pitting 200 points of Soviets against a similar points value of British and West Germans.  One of the Soviet players had no 6mm forces, so I made up a battlegroup from my collection, but realised I'd never got round to any fixed wing air assets.  So, I dug out a pair of Sukhoi Su-25 Frogfoots (Rooks) and gave them a paint job as recommended in the Team Yankee rule book, which seems to match contemporary images that I could find on the internet.

Although I've got loads of unpainted Soviet aircraft (most the fruits of a Gauntlet bring and buy purchase a couple of years back), the following pictures show the current extent of their readiness.

A pair of Mil Mi-24 Hinds (Flying Tanks), which I've already posted pictures of a while back.

A pair of Mil Mi-8 Hips, again I've posted pics of these previously.

Then the pair of Sukhoi Su-25 Frogfoots (Ravens), complete with their hand painted red stars.

I need to add another pair to have the full flight functionality for Team Yankee.  In our game on Thursday, the Soviets took a flight of 2 Frogfoots and 6 Hinds.  The 2 Frogfoots were nuisance value as they came on individually and the West German air defences were able to deal with them.  The Hinds rampaged through the British armour as the Brits had left their air defences behind so relied on their AA MGs, but came a cropper against the West Germans.  The 6 strong Hind flight attempted a strike on an M109 battery in the West German rear, but this was in range of the 3 local defence AA .50 cals on the M109s, as well as 2 Roland batteries and a Gepard battery.  Scratch 5 Hinds for the loss of a single M109.  This seems to reflect a general vulnerability of the Hinds in Team Yankee, which belies the Flying Tank reputation, as soon as they come up against any serious AA assets.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Andy,

    Cool stuff, and glad to see you away from that Wild West stuff and back to some 'proper' gaming/toys ;)

    Hinds look mean in any scale, and I like your camo on them.


    1. Thanks Jack. Hey, I just like Cowboys and Indians is all! Too many Hollywood Westerns and novels.

      Glad you like the camo scheme, I was going for the crocodile scheme. Must get some ordnance to hang from the hard points - never understood why Heroics and Ros don't do them.

      Cheers, Andy

    2. Yippee-Ky-Yi-Yay, Andy! ;)

      And I wouldn't sweat the ordnance, it all looks good to me. Looks like there's 57mm rocket pods hanging under there, just a tad small maybe.