Friday, 4 November 2016

20mm Early 20th Century armed civilians

Just a quick post just now as a busy weekend awaits.  These are some armed civilians from Irregular Miniatures A Very British Civil War range, but I figure they will do for any early 20th Century setting from 1900 to the 1950's.  While distinctly British in appearance overall, they will also pass muster for most Europeans, Colonial and North American settings.

First up (L-R) we have a gent in bowler hat with what looks vaguely like a Tommy gun or other early SMG, then a gent in a waistcoat with rifle, a more rustic gent in bowler hat carrying cane and a poacher/gamekeeper type with shotgun. 

Then we have a spiffing gent in top hat carrying pistol, youth carrying a standard (got to decide on a suitable flag), chap in shirt sleeves with Lewis gun and a lady brandishing a rifle.

Not the most detailed figures but they seem to paint up OK.  In the second picture, the figure in lilac coat and top hat is a shoe-in for an eccentric Russian Civil War commander, with his trusty standard bearer and female companion.  In the first picture, the guy with Tommy gun could be a city gent or even Churchill in a Sealion setting.  The other figures would make great rustic or workers revolutionary fighters, with lots of mix and match between them.  Not sure on the rest of the range with Boy Scouts, Fox Hunters, Cricketers etc., being a little too British in appearance.

These figures will form some local militia forces for our Andreivia setting and eccentric commanders for "White Russian" or other anti-Bolshevik militias.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Great work Andy. Can't wait until Crisis Point 2017

  2. Great work Andy. Can't wait until Crisis Point 2017