Sunday, 20 November 2016

20mm WW1 Russians

So, this week I have mostly been painting WW1 Russian infantry.  These are mainly from the HAT Russian infantry box, together with some officers, a machine gun and a couple of mortars from the HAT Russian Heavy Weapons pack.  They are painted in Russian Uniform, highlighted green grey, with black boots, khaki grey, London grey and blue grey greatcoat rolls, saddle brown for leather pouches and water bottles, oily steel for belt buckles and cap badges.

The whole platoon, four sections, each of 10 riflemen, an officer with runner and a senior officer with field telephone operator.

The officer, standing with pistol and runner in marching pose.  The officer is from the heavy weapons pack.

Senior officer and field telephone operator.

A selection of riflemen.

More riflemen.

Heavy weapons (L-R) a Maxim MG, a Litonov 47mm mortar and a French 58mm motar, each with three crewmen.

The Maxim MG.

The Litonov mortar.

The French 58mm mortar.

A selection of spare officers, telephone operators and spotters.

The colourful chap rear right is painted to look like one of the more colourful "White" Russian units, the Drozdovsky Regiment.  If I see another pack of figures, I'll add a platoon from the Drozdovsky or maybe the Kornilov Regiment, possibly a couple of sections from both.

Some heavy artillery support, A 76mm field gun with 4 crew, from Irregular Miniatures.

Another force suitable for Andreivia, alongside the Cossacks and the Garford-Putilov armoured car that I've posted on earlier.

As ever, thanks for looking.

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