Thursday, 1 December 2016

20mm Australian Light Horse

Some mobility for the forces of the British Empire in the form of mounted Imperial Yeomanry, courtesy of the Australian Light Horse.  These are from the Hat set, which provides enough dismounted figures for three four-man sections, three men armed with carbines and a fourth horse holder, although only enough standing horses are supplied for two horses, rather than the four each should have.  There are enough mounted figures with carbones or open hands that will take a carbine to provide three mounted sections as well.  There are also enough charging figures with bayonet (three) to replace a carbine armed rider with a bayonet, to show they are charging into hand-to-hand combat.

In the image below, the front groups comprise the three dismounted sections with horse holders behind.  Behind them are three mounted sections, with the three figures charging with bayonets at the rear.

One of the three dismounted sections.

Another view showing the horse holder from the side.

The mounted sections.

A mounted section showing the charging figure with bayonet drawn.

These will find their way into Great War scenarios in the Middle East, as well as in Allied intervention forces during the Russian Civil War and they will, of course, be available for Andreivia.

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