Thursday, 15 December 2016

20mm Mk IV Female tank and some WW1 painting experiments

Well, I should be at the Defenders Xmas do tonight, but as I'm not feeling well, I thought I might as well share some more photos of the WW1 kit I'm working on at the moment.

First up is an Emhar Mark IV Female tank.  The kit was relatively straightforward to complete and looks good, although the "roll bar" on the roof should have two supporting struts but they are only modelled with one (ironically the box cover art shows the correct arrangement).

I've painted this one in khaki grey and dry brushed it Iraqi sand for a dusty look.  Tracks are oily steel dry brushed orange brown and washed with Nuln Oil.  Exhaust is orange brown and weapons are NATO black dry brushed basalt grey.

Decals from the kit included J12, Jericho, which I thought looked suitable.  There are some interesting beute tank markings for captured tanks in German service, which include skull and cross bones that are going on another vehicle.

Not bad for a kit picked up at a bring n buy table at the Derby/Castle Donnington show for £2.  Bargain!

Next up I a try out of some late war German figures from Ceasar, picked up at the same show for £1 per box.  These are painted in a 50:50 mix of field grey and german grey with khaki grey puttees, saddle brown boots and pouches, German grey bandoleers and black belts, with German camo beige grenade/ammo bags, washed in Agrax earthshade.  They still seem to be a bit dark to me, I'll try and lighten the next batch.

Then I experimented with an early war figure in Picklehaube - an old Airfix figure from the early 70's.  Field grey and mid-grey tunic and German uniform and mid-grey trousers, both lightened with Ivory.  Saddle brown boots, webbing and pouches.  German camo beige helmet cover and flat red regimental sign on helmet and piping on tunic.  I quite like the way he looks.

Finally, as a try out, this is another early 70's vintage Airfix WW1 soldier, painted in field blue with mid-grey tousers, grey-blue puttees and water bottle and saddle brown webbing and pouches, with a German camo beige bread bag.  All washed in Agrax earthshade, but then I highlighted the field blue as it turned a more khaki colour than I liked.

Again, I quite like the look of the French soldier, so will try the same technique on a few more figures.

Thanks for looking.


  1. I like the Airfix figures, and particularly the colour of the tank. You've captured that 'not really either green or brown' tone perfectly!

    1. Thanks Barks. I'm going to have to try and lighten those Caesar minis though.

      Cheers, Andy