Wednesday, 26 April 2017

20mm WW2 British infantry

I've been trying to find figures suitable for the British Commandos for the Vaagso raid in late 1941.  The contemporary photos show then in battle bowlers and looking like pretty standard infantry of the time, but noticeably without the gas mask case "at the ready".  This means that BEF figures aren't suitable and neither are any of the 8th Army/Mediterranean infantry types, as shirt sleeves and shorts were definitely not worn on the raid, more like gloves, scarves and balaclavas.  Looking at the SHQ 1943 and later British infantry, these seem to be just about perfect.  The only bit of kit the Commandos carried that isn't represented is a length of coiled toggle rope, but these are close enough for me to feel happy using them.

First up a 10 man section of three man bren team and seven man rifle team, plus one sten gun, including NCO on round base.  A Thompson SMG would have been better for Vaagso, but the Sten is good too.

Part of another section with NCO, bren and three riflemen advancing.

Platoon HQ with officer and 2 man 2" mortar team.

2" mortar team in more detail.

Running officer.

Company commander, consulting wrist watch, with NCO pointing and rifleman runner.

Engineers clearing mines with mine detector, lifting an identified mine with a bayonet and carrying up a box at the back.

Engineers (l-r) satchel charge, roll or fuse wire and clippers and a man pack flamethrower.

So, I've ordered enough of these figures to complete 2 troops/platoons for now, plus some Vickers MMG supports and 3" mortar teams.  They will also double up as true late war British infantry.  More on these as they are finished.

Thanks for looking.


  1. They look great Andy, good bit of figure research as well. Useful to know.
    Cheers, Richard P

    1. Thanks Richard. The other option I was thinking of was to head swap Britannia Commando bodies with some suitable BEF infantry heads in tin hats without nets. I decided that might be excessive.

      Cheers, Andy