Monday, 3 April 2017

20mm WW2 Gebirgsjaeger

Continuing the build up of forces for Vaagso, here is the core of a platoon of Gebirgsjaeger.  At the front is the CO with three 8 man sections of 4 riflemen, a three man LMG team and an SMG armed NCO.  I need to add another three riflemen per squad to bring them up to full strength and a light mortar and 2 crew for the HQ.

The CO, armed with an SMG.

Riflemen - I've painted these in a mix of white and pale green smocks and white or grey trousers.

More riflemen.

Riflemen and LMG team.

More riflemen and LMG teams.

A SFMG and 3 crew.

Another view of the SFMG.

8cm Granatwerfer mortar and 3 crew.

Not for Vaagso, a 2 man crew for a Panzerschrek.

Supply mule and handler.

Again, not for Vaagso, three panzerfaust tank hunters.

These are great figures from Britannia Miniatures, they paint up really easily.  I'm in two minds whether to leave them based as they are or to add snow effects.  The extra riflemen and light mortar arrived in the post yesterday, so they will be on the painting table soon.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Great work- def go back and add some snow though.



  2. Thanks guys. I agree, they need some snow. Time to get the bicarb out.

    Cheers Andy l

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