Friday, 31 March 2017

20mm WW2 Kriegsmarine

Having been working on WW1/RCW figures for what seems like forever and with Crisis Point only a week away, it seemed like a good time to switch periods, just for a bit of variety.  With our big Vaagso game coming up in July at the Gauntlet show, it seemed like a good time to start building up the forces.  So, here is a platoon plus some spares, of the Kriegsmarine.  These are all from the Kelly's Heroes range from Britannia Miniatures.

The full platoon, CO at the front, plus three 10 man sections or squads, each with an NCO with SMG, 6 riflemen and three man LMG team.  At the back is a small section of  spare infantry, 4 riflemen an NCO and 2 man LMG team and, rear right, an AA mount LMG.

The CO and first section.

Second and third sections plus spares and AA LMG mount.

Riflemen and LMG team mainly in sailors hats.

Riflemen and NCOs in a mix of hats and helmets.

More riflemen in helmets.

LMG team in helmets,

NCO and riflemen.

LMG on AA mount with 2 crew.

CO with pistol.

Artillery crew in sailors hats.

Artillery crew in sailors hats.

I have just received four artillery pieces for the crew to man, plus a few extra crew, so these will be on the painting table shortly to round out the shore batteries.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Looking good Andy, must get mine photographed and on my blog.
    Cheers, Richard P

    1. Thanks Richard. Yours looked cool. The photos you showed me looked fine.

      Cheers, Andy