Saturday, 11 March 2017

More 20mm WW1 French

In the Christmas stash this year were packs of Airfix and Pegasus WW1 French infantry.  I painted up a few of them to add to the old childhood stash.

A command group, courtesy of Airfix.  Bugler and standard bearer with national flag, with an officer in kepi.

The command group at the back, with various infantry heavy weapons in front, courtesy of Pegasus.  In front of the officer is a prone LMG gunner armed with a Chauchat, with another similarly armed LMG gunner advancing on the left.  On the right is a kneeling figure armed with a rifle grenade launcher.  In the centre is a two man crewed Hotchkiss HMG on a tripod mount.

Some additional infantry figures - I wanted to try out assembly of the Pegasus figures, which turned out to be quite tricky.  Three riflemen, one chap throwing a grenade and in the centre a pistol armed officer in greatcoat.

The Pegasus figures are really nice once assembled, but getting the parts to fit snuggly was a real bind.

Finally, some photos of a French 75mm artillery piece.  This is from the HAT set and is made of a very soft plastic.  However, I found it relatively straightforward to assemble and paint and, although bendy, seems to have finished up pretty well.

Three more in the box to work on later.

Thanks for looking.

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