Monday, 20 March 2017

Berkeley 2017 - the table set up

This weekend gone, the Cold War Commanders laid on another big game, the opening salvos of a Warpact invasion of Denmark, taking on NATO's Landjut command.

First, the centre piece of the Kiel Canal table was this rail bridge over the canal, built by Richard Phillips from, I think, a Remagen Bridge model.  Unfortunately, Richard couldn't attend the event, although he did pass us his terrain, most of which is used on the table photos that follow.  I sent this image to Richard on Friday night to make sure we'd put it together correctly.

We had two tables (12x6ft) set up in the Skittle Alley of the Tudor Arms pub in Slimbridge.  The image below looks along the coastline table (coast to the right).

Another view of the table with coastline.

View showing the river which cut across the table, reaching the coastline by a town with the only bridge across.

The other table, with a very muddy looking Kiel Canal running across it.  Warpact forces would start on the right, NATO on the left.  Note the road ferry to right of the gas plant alongside the canal in the foreground and the rail bridge in the distance.

Further along the canal.  Another car ferry in the distance.

The rail bridge and embankment in the context of the table.

One of the car ferries.

Built up area in NATOs deployment zone.

The coastline table, looking at the mouth of the river with the coastal town and bridge.

The coastline further from the town.  The large open area needed some woods, but we ran out of felt in the evening set up, so finished it the following day.

Great looking tables, almost totally due to Richard Phillips great scenario building skills.  Thanks Richard, sorry you couldn't be there.

Thanks to you too for looking.


  1. Nice one Andy, great overview of the two tables which looked great.

    1. Thanks Richard. But it's all your stuff. I only put a few of my hedges on. The terrain is all stacked in my conservatory by the way. You may need to do some sorting as I'm not sure it was all packed as you had it.

      Cheers, Andy

  2. Thanks for looking after it Andy. Can't wait for Crisis Point :-)

  3. Andy,

    Dammit man, you guys always have the coolest setups for CWC! Someday I'm going to get over there and partake of the festivities ;)

    I'm working on some stuff for CWC right now that hopefully will impress you; nothing on this scale of things, but pretty cool anyway, I hope!


    1. Hey Jack,

      Good to hear from you, hope all is well with you.

      Yes, it's always a major pleasure to get to play on such large and detailed tables. It's nice to play in games where flanks are important and have to be covered, rather than assume the table edges take care of things.

      Look forward to seeing your next project - I'm always impressed with your output.

      Cheers, Andy