Friday, 26 May 2017

20mm Fallschirmjaeger heavy infantry weapons

With Battlegroup Tobruk including rules and organisations for the Fallschirmjaeger on Crete, it gave me the incentive I needed to get all the packs of infantry heavy weapons completed that I bought from SHQ a few years ago at the Derby show.

First up, three tripod mounted sustained fire MG32 teams.

Three 81mm mortar teams.

Not sure of the manufacturer, I bought these from Paul at the Defenders club, but a 120mm mortar team - not developed until 1942, so too late for Crete.

A command team pack, again bought from Paul.  Front right is a mortar/artillery spotter team, front left and wire laying communications team and rear right another spotter team, possibly an air liaison team.

Two three-man packs of SHQ engineers carrying mines, demo charges and flamethrowers.

Another purchase from Paul, an MG32 team on the move.

This gives me enough figures to equip a Rapid-Fire regiment or a Battlegroup company.  I need to add a couple of 75mm recoilless rifles to round out the unit and maybe a pair of PAK 36s.

Thanks for looking.

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