Thursday, 1 June 2017

20mm WW2 various Germans

These are some Britannia Miniatures German engineers that I picked up at the WMMS show back in March.  These were extremely good castings and really nicely sculpted, making them a doddle to paint.

Three rushing figures, carrying satchel demolition charges.

A mine clearance team, with figure using mine detector, another probing for mines with a bayonet and a third digging out a mine.

Two man flamethrower team.

Not engineers, these three were in a house clearance job lot that the club purchased a couple of weeks back.  No idea of manufacturer, but they painted up nicely.

Finally, a little command group that I got from Paul at the club.  They are from SHQ and are an early motorised infantry command group with two radio operators and a kneeling officer, plus standing officer reading map or orders and a rifleman/runner.

Some great figures in this bunch and I was really pleased with how they turned out.
Thanks for looking.


  1. Really nice! The engineers will be great for Chain of Command support options.

    1. Thanks Richard. I'm planning on using them for Chain of Command and Battlegroup. I'll have them with me for the Vaagso game, but not sure they will be of much use for that one.

      Cheers, Andy