Saturday, 14 April 2018

Crisis Point 2018 Day 2 action

After a pleasant evening of beer, pies and pleasant conversation, Sunday dawned dry and bright.  Another hearty breakfast was washed down with plenty of tea and coffee and we were ready to start.
Heavy naval guns began to open up on the Andrevian trenches (large patches of white smoke), causing much devastation amongst the HQ and two of the trench line platoons, especially their MMGs.  On the right, the salient was assaulted by Turkish and German engineers who cleared the trench line with grenades and flame, mopping up with bayonet and pistol.  Follow up German infantry pushed on towards Tcherbevan, screening the left flank of a German task force which had crossed a large lake in Central Andrevia and then pushed through the southern hills to approach Tcherbevan from the south.

Four activations struck the Andreivian defenders all together, finally breaking every unit under command.  The mopping up was to be bloody for the Andreivians.  Meanwhile, Soviet cavalry was approaching Tcherbevan from the north west.

Victorious Turkish engineers have cleared the salient and wave on the German troops advancing through the southern hills, before turning their attention to mopping up the last Andreivians.

Seriously thinned Andreivian ranks still under naval bombardment.  The Andrevian Mk V male survived all the naval artillery, but was taken out by a long range FT-17 shot.  Give that tank commander/gunner a medal.

The combined Turkish/German forces swarming forward across the Dvimin line.

Looking north east from Dvimin towards Tcherbevan.  Soviet cavalry are approaching the city from the northwest, while the German task force passes through the southern hills.

Over in the southeast, the other Turkish force closed with the capital city and whittled down the remnants of Woosterforce.  In the northeast, the White Russians took control of the English Church, wiping out the heros of the Andreivian police force when Cossacks infiltrated the churchyard and charged the police unit from behind.  The Andrevian Culture Minister was last seen running through the carnage attempting to reach the airstrip and flee in his DVII, but it is suspected he fell beneath the Cossack sabres.

By the end of play, Andrevian military and para-military forces had ceased to exist.  The British were hanging on in Tcherbevan although part of the city was firmly in White Russian hands.  Large Turkish and German armies were approaching the city from southwest, south and southeast, while a Soviet force was approaching from the northwest.  Whatever the Allied, Central or Soviet powers decided for Andrevia, one thing was certain, it would be a long time before the people of Andrevia would have a say in the process.

A great weekend.  Thanks to Richard C for organising the event and herding the various wargaming cats.  Thanks to Richards C and P for the bulk of the scenery, Kev for his contributions, especially the glorious Turkish battleship, and to all the players for such a fun weekend.  It was great to see some of the local boys enjoying themselves too, with Leo, Arthur and Gabriel all seeming to enjoy themselves.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Looks great again.

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  2. Nice on Andy. I think Major General Roderick Spode might be enjoying tea and cucumber sandwiches on a ship back to Blighty :-)
    Cheers, Richard P