Monday, 9 April 2018

Crisis Point 2018 Return to Andreivia Easter 1918 tables and background

This weekend saw us return to Dungworth for the next installment of the struggle for Andreivia, the fictional country at the eastern end of the Black Sea, bordered by Turkey to the South, Russia to the north and Armenia and Persia to the East.  We played on a large "H" shaped table bordered on one long side by the Black Sea and on the other by mountains.  The cross over represented the capital city, Tcherbevan, bordered by the Southern Hills.

On both southern linbs of the table, Turkish forces, supported by German troops, were pushing north, in the west coming up against the last gasp Andreivian Govt regular forces defending the Dvimin Line, while in the east, Turks were pursuing the remnants of a British expedition, "Woosterforce", which had advanced from Persia/Mesopotamia in an attempt to secure the allied depots in Andreivia, following the capitulation of Russia in the Treaty of Brest Litovsk.  In the northwest, Trans-Caucasian SSR revolutionaries were attempting to liberate the oppressed Andreivian people, while in the northeast, loyal "White" Russians were attempting to maintain Andreivia as part of the Russian Empire.  In the capitol city, a British liaison detachment and the Andreivian police were slupping it out with Turkish freedom fighters backed by German gold.

The war aims of all the players was to try and seize some or all of Tcherbevan and as much territory as they could to maximise their position during negotiations of the Armistice, which couldn't be far away in the Spring of 1918, whoever emerged triumphant from the war to end all wars.

Looking south along the Black Sea coastal road.

Looking east, the lighthouse marking safe passage into the Krupnehr River leading to Tcherbevan in the distance.  Richards Phillips and Crawley surveying their terraforming skills.

Tcherbevan with the legendary giant "Oracle of Andreivia", Richard Crawley, father of the nation.

Looking northwest from the arid terrain between Andreivia and Mesopotamia.  L-R Mark (White Russian), Richard C (umpire in much demand), Ian S (Andreivian Govt commanding the Dvimin Line) and Richard P (British military delegation to Tcherbevan).

Looking southwest from the Medieval city walls (sadly I can't remember the name of the city).

Looking west at Tcherbevan showing the large, modern flour mill and old English church.

Looking west along the Dvimin Line of Andreivian defences.

Terrain is almost exclusively from Richard Crawley and Richard Phillips most excellent collections, much of which is scratch built especially for Andreivia.  Most of the grey cobbled roads and trestle bridges in the shot above are mine, sourced as mdf kits from Ebay and dry-brushed grey.


  1. Great stuff Andy. Fantastic weekend as always. Looking forward to reading more and seeing more piccies.
    Richard P

    1. Thanks Richard,

      More on the way soon, just need to write the AAR to go with the piccies.

      Cheers, Andy