Thursday, 28 June 2018

20mm Atlantic Wall

Well, it's taken me over 6 months to finally match up the fortress 50mm AT guns, bunkers and crews to get a set of bunkers for the Atlantic wall.  All are from the Defence in Depth range from Grubby Tanks.  The resin castings were excellent, with no appreciable bubbles or casting flaws.  The fortress AT guns and crew are top drawer.

First up is a large beach Tobruk, mounted on a concrete personnel bunker.  The gunner comes with the bunker and I've mounted him on a card disc so I can spin him to face in any direction.

View from the seaward side.

From the landward side - large steel door for access to the Tobruk and personnel bunker.  I need to scratch build a section of trench behind the bunker that will link up with the Ironclad Miniatures trench system that I picked up recently in their sale.

Then this is the open beach emplacement for a fortress PAK38.  I've mounted the pedestal gun on a magnet, which attaches to another in the base, so the gun can swivel, although there isn't really enough room for the crew in most gun configurations.

Viewed from seaward.

And from the land side.

Last of the three is an R667 gun emplacement with another fortress PAK38.  The right enfilade wall is a little short to be fully effective at shielding the embrasure from direct naval gunfire support, but that can be remedied with a polystyrene block if needed.

The business end covered by the AT gun.

Rear aspect with steel door protected from direct fire by a concrete wall.

The interior with the roof removed.  I'm going to have to lower the gun a little as the gunner is scraping his helmet on the roof, taking the paint off.

So, with the Ironclad trench system and some assorted bunkers, I should have enough defences to play a 750 point beach assault scenario from Battlegroup Overlord.

Thanks for looking.


  1. They look great Andy C, especially like the PAK38.
    Cheers, Richard P

    1. Cheers Richard,

      Got some 6mm bunkers to post, just need to sort out some guns and MG34 gunners to man them.

      Cheers, Andy