Tuesday, 5 June 2018

15mm Kubelwagens

These are a pair of Forged in Battle Kubelwagens.  There are 4 in a pack and the other two are going to join an early war force decked out in Panzer grey.  These vehicles are for a late war force in dunkelgelb.  One crew is wearing a camo smock, the other a medium grey uniform.  They can provide transport for an infantry FHQ or an artillery observer team.

Nice models, one piece resin castings with a base.  No real assembly, other than fitting the crew, which was a bit of an issue as the rear passengers are too broad shoulders to fit in the rear seats side by side.

I paid close to full price for these at the Recon Show, back in December, but they filled a niche in the 15mm German forces for Battlegroup.

Thanks for looking.