Wednesday, 23 May 2018

15mm WW2 Elephant/Ferdinand

Yet another of the bargain Battlefront WW2 vehicles, this time an Elephant or Ferdinand; I think it all depends whether it has a bow machine gun or not.

I've painted this one as suitable for mid- to late-war eastern, and possibly western front in a base of dunkelgelb (Vallejo Middlestone) with a reticulated pattern of grey/green (Reflective green and Field Grey).  Tracks are a mix of orange-brown and flat brown.  The whole lot was washed with dilute Agrax Earthshade.  Vehicle was dry brushed Iraqi sand to give it a dusty look.

Decals are I-95 from Pendraken.  Aerial is a length of nylon fishing line.

Air intake grills were washed with Nuln oil.

Quite a nice model of the vehicle, should add a bit of Ooomph to my 15mm Germans when needed.  I recently purchased a pair in 20mm from Will, so wonder how long it will take me to a) build them and b) paint them.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Nice one. I'm heading off to Bovington Tank Museum next week and hope to see a real life Elefant (the post Kursk revision of the Ferdinand) currently on loan from the US Ordinance Museum. Considering its built on a Porche Tiger chassis I expect it's something of a beast.

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    2. Thanks Lee,

      Not sure which day, but I plan to visit Bovvy next week too. Take advantage of the Elefant being on display as well.

      Cheers, Andy