Thursday, 3 May 2018

20mm Sawn-off M5 recce

I picked up an M5 hull from the 50p mis-cast box at the Early War Miniatures stand at the Derby/Bruntingthorpe show if I remember correctly.  There were some air bubbles which needed filling and Will McNally kindly gave me a pair of PSC (I think) M5 tracks.  I added a rolled up tarp on the rear deck with Milliput and built up a box cab using pieces of stiff cardboard cut from a packet of frozen prawns - of all things.  The card is stiffened with superglue.  Stowage (packs and mattock/entrenching tool) came from a packet of Sgts Mess US vehicle stowage and the .50 cal from another Sgts Mess pack.

Decals came from Skytrex, with very prompt delivery and a substantial discount on the postage rates quoted on their website (decals aren't that heavy).

Hull is Humbrol Forrest Green, tarp is khaki grey, tracks are flat brown and orange brown mixed.  Crew have US dark green pants and khaki or grey green jackets.  I gave the whole thing a dry brush of Iraqi sand to give it a dusty look and highlight any raised details.

The crew figures were another gift from Will McNally and very nice they are too.

A close-up to finish with.

This is the first vehicle completed for my US European forces, although I have several Shermans, assembled over Christmas and painted in the New Year, awaiting decals.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Will. I used one of yours as inspiration for the box body. If I see another hull, I might be tempted to add sand bags.

      Cheers, Andy

  2. Love it!! Great little conversion.
    Cheers, Richard P