Sunday, 13 May 2018

15mm Brummbar and Grille

Here are a couple more of the discounted Battlefront kits that I picked up a while ago now.  I'm slowly working my way through them!

First up, the Brummbar, also known as the Sturmpanzer 43 or Sdkfz 166, known as the Stupa to the Germans.  This chap mounts a 150mm L12 Stuh 43 howitzer, which used the same ammunition as the Sig33 150mm infantry gun.

Nice model, but the shurtzen were a tad fiddly to get fixed in the right position.  Hopefully, this should bring some much needed support to any German infantry fighting in an urban environment, quite literally bringing the house down.

The Grille was also a nice model and straightforward to assemble.  The vehicle uses the 15cm SIG heavy infantry gun and, like the Brummbar, should provide some much needed infantry support, although being open topped, it isn't going to like moving into urban areas.

I'm looking forward to giving these an airing soon, probably using Battlegroup Kursk or one of the supplements as BG seems to have wiped FoW off the map at our club.

Thanks for looking.


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    1. Thanks Lee. The Grille is my favourite, but I suspect the Brummbar may be of more use.

      Cheers, Andy